Bimini Bay Resort and Casino opened its doorways to dynamic gambling experience

"Miami's backyard playground" revealed it's biggest attraction, the $24 million casino that is already known for it's unique experience and touch of South Beach style.
Resorts World Bimini Bay Casino opened their doors on July 1 on the only casino about the Bahamian island and has set the precedence for the state-of-the-art gaming experience.
The only casino noted for large windows and ocean views it provides whole new meaning for the gaming experience. The ocean front casino although indoors is unique on it's own.
The casino is nestled inside the dynamic Bimini Bay Resort which consists of almost 300 homes, condos and villas including the largest yacht marina inside the Bahamas.
The newest addition towards the luxury resort's amenities includes table games, slots, sports betting which is expected to provide more than 400 jobs.
"Enormous economic impact on the local economy" said Prime Minister Perry Christie within an interview.
Enormous can be an understatement.
The gigantic venture includes a game changer, Resorts World Super Fast ferry, a traveling experience that a lot of will enjoy and crave.
Making two round trips per day, at under $50 round trip, passengers can travel for the closest Bahamian island in style, comfort and speed.
"It's actually a game changer for the people of Bimini," said Dana Leibovitz, President of Resorts World Bimini. "We're taking a look at bringing as much as 3,000 people a day for the island of Bimini.
"We are introducing its beauty and majesty on the people of Miami. Everybody knows where Bimini is, but very few people have have you been to Bimini." Leibovitz said.
World Resorts Super Fast ferry is often a 32,000-ton ship which can reach top speed of 30 knots, will include a Day Explorer Cruise which leaves at 9 a.m. and returns at 7 p.m. daily, as well as a Night Party Cruise which departs from Miami at 9:00 p.m. and returns at 5 a.m.
Bimini is definitely faced with the challenge of getting people on and off the island, no check here matter travel by air or sea these days the journey will probably be an adventure which is sure to provide a form of entertainment for only the most fickle of personalities.
It's crucial that you mention how convenient traveling in one destination to another will be. The journey is relatively quick and now with the live entertainment, dancing, dining and gaming it's going to feel even quicker.
Property about the island is being snatched up quickly. The resort's homes and condos are sold with an alarming rate. Once the properties are all purchased the appraised values will skyrocket, leaving home owners with a huge profit.
The majestic island is known for it's turquoise ocean, panoramic views and island feel these days it will be famous for much more.
The residents of Bimini are anticipating the prosperity of their local economy due for the developing changes.
Anyone looking for the true island experience along with a sense of adventure that also includes: diving, gaming, fishing, fresh seafood, relaxing and decadence should look at the small island containing proven to have a huge impact around the traveling example of a lifetime.
Make certain to read probably the most up-to-date info on traveling to Bimini, so you will be well prepared for what is expected from visitors when vacationing about the island.
For more information please visit: Bimini Bay Resort or call 8881-2263 hotel or 877-666-2574 for reservations.
Enjoy your venture!

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